Yearly Archives: 2002

Relics from the past

Guess this is my weekend for restoring old computer junk. Friday I tried getting an old sun Sparcstation2 running again, but I don't have nearly enough stuff to get it going again. I need to get a keyboard, mouse, ethernet tranceiver, and monitor dapter before I can do anything with it. I'll probably take a look at the MSU surplus store one of these days to see what I can get. The other old school project was to put our old tape drive back in a working computer. I've been pulling some old backups off of tape, and it's pretty cool what I'm finding… lots of old stuff. I'm hoping to come across a backup of the BBS that I used to run, but I'm not terribly optimistic. I'm guessing that my dad overwrote that with one of his backups. Ah well.


The past couple days have been pretty busy for me. I had to work thursday and friday, which kinda sucked, but hey, the internet doesn't sleep. Thursday night Jim had a gathering, which was fun. It's been a while since I saw Jim and the crew so that was a good time. Last night Andre had a get-together with plenty of beer. I played 3 of 4 games of beirut, and then we went outside and played some mad drunken boot hockey. It's not so easy to keep your balance on ice when you're drunk, and I've got brused elbows and knees to prove it! I'm thinking about heading over to Best Buy to treat myself make some ill-advised expendatures now that I can actually afford to buy things. My good sense might win out though, so we'll see.


Christmas treated me well… lots of food, the family, and presents too! Hope everyone had a good Christmas… now it's time to go to bed so I can go back to work tomorrow… joy.


Blah! Today was just that, blah. My workstation at work got owned today, which sucked. I hope I noticed it before anything too important was compromised. So yah, blah.

I finally figured out why the fonts look small in some of the browsers I've looked at the page with, and I fixed the style sheets to solve the problem. So if you have had troubles seeing the fonts at proper size, your troubles should be solved. Operative term being should.

Christmas Shopping Sucks

The last couple days have been a tad busy. Yesterday I helped a friend move into her new house, which was an adventure. Lots of stuff to move. Saw the Two Towers (again) with my family later on, and it ruled just as much as when I saw it the first time. I was a bit disappointed with the liberties they took with the script/storyline, but overall it was sweet. They really did a great job portraying Gollum/Smeagol and the turmoil that character went through. I was kinda mad that they made Faromir seem kinda evil for a while, since he was a stand up guy in the book. Oh well.

I got the rest of my christmas shopping done today, which is a relief. I always hate going out into the fray at this time of year. Now I just have to wrap everything up.

Illness Sucks too

The last couple days have been both cool and sucky at the same time. We've had a full crew at work, so the workload has been light, which is definitely good. I've had a nasty cough though, and it's been giving me nasty headaches, which are most definitely bad. I was a little bit sick for two days, and I get this nasty hacking cough. What fun.

Alarm Clocks Suck, revisited

Ouch…. waking up at 6:00 sucks a lot more than waking up at 8:00…

Alarm Clocks Suck

Wow, I actually had a pretty sweet day at work today. First of all, it went really fast, which is always good for a day at work. Second, the customers I did talk to were all cool and friendly and not pissed off, which is also a good thing. After work I went over to Marty's and took his small-house-esque ATX case off his hands, which will soon house my fileserver and its 4 hard drives. Better to have a big case with room to spare than a small case with no room to spare. Now I just have to find a spot for it…..

I changed around my schedule at work a bit today, so I'll be heading in at 8am instead of 10am… Getting up at 8am was nice, but getting home between 7 and 8 pm was not, so I'll bite the bullet and wake up earlier. On that note, I think I'm going to hit the sack. 5:45 is going to come mighty fast……

Slow Day

Hmmm… didn't do much today either. I wandered about the house, played the guitar a bit, and did some Christmas shopping. The latter produced some good results, for once. I've got a couple more shopping trips to take, so hopefully they work out as well as the first.