Monthly Archives: November 2002

Injury Free Turkey Bowl, New Job

Today was pretty sweet all in all. We had the (some number less than 10)th (semi)annual Turkey Bowl today. We had to tone it down to flag football from all out tackle to reduce the injury count. In the past 3 years, there's been trips to the hostpital by 3 different people for various injuries (myself being one of them), all requiring surgery to repair. So yah, we toned it down. It was a good time with no injuries to speak of.

Today also marked my last day at Gordon Food Service as an employee. I've been working there since 1994, and for the most part it was a good job, but it's time to move on to bigger and better things. I'm pumped about staring the new job on monday. Finally doing something that will make the 5 years and $50,000+ of college seem worth it. After all, paying off student loans while working at a food store seems pretty pointless.

Anyways, I'm a little stiff from the football, and kinda tired as well, so I'm going to check on out.


Busy day at work today. Day before Thanksgiving + food store = tons of people. It was all right though… the day went by quickly and I got a lot done. Only one more work day until I start the new job… I'm pumped.

Guess I was supposed to do something tonight with some friends from school, but I'm way tired. Got up at 5:40 or so this morning, and busted ass all day long. Now I just feel like zoning out and doing nothing. Perhaps that's what I'll do! I (like millions across the country probably) have thanksgiving at a relatives house, fun fun. I haven't seen their new house yet, and I've heard it's pretty sweet. Should be fun.

Thanks Mom

It's really a pain when someone other than yourself makes you a 9:00am appointment without your input, especially when said appointment comes very early on a day you could normally sleep in… and it's also quite annoying when said person comes home and wakes you up from your nap after said appointment for no real reason….

Nice one Mike

Today kinda sucked… had to work today and when I went to leave, I discovered that I had somehow ignored the totally obnoxious warning bell in my car and left the lights on the night before. Blah. Add that to the normal car nonsense and it made a bad start to the day. Work sucked, as per usual, but at least it went by fast… can't wait until next week when I start my new job in Lansing and I can finally start earning some real cash. First thing on the “to buy” list – new friggin car.

Time to go to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow at 5:30 for more work-oriented suffering… ./out