Monthly Archives: January 2003

Death to the pr0n spammers!

Hmm… not too much happening in the past couple of days. Work has returned to a much more relaxed state now that the week of server-trouble-hell has ended. I did something today that 99.99% of people on the planet will appreciate – I caught a porno-spammer in the act of delivering his “payload” and nailed his ass. I happened to log on to the server he was spamming from while attempting to fix a problem, noticed the illicit activity, researched it a bit, and bam, account terminated. Score one for the good guys!

Someone finally gives Chris a chance…

Wow. It's late. Didn't really do a whole lot today. I fixed some problems on the MSUGAMERS website… guess I've kinda stepped in to the web guy role there. It's cool though, nobody else was doing it. I've got some ideas on how to make it better. Other than that I didn't really do anything constructive. Chris was over for a while and we hung out and talked. He finally got a job, with Nissan. Woohoo! We're all happy for him.

Sheer stupidity

Yah, this might be the crappiest work week ever. On Monday and Tuesday our server host company decided it would be a good idea to move all of our servers to different racks and power supply units. Yes, All of them. more than 100 servers. So yah, the phones were going crazy then, and we answered them. People were pissed and for good reason. We were pissed too. Who in their right mind performs maintenance in the middle of the day, on a weekday?? We pay for their stupidity. Now we get a call today stating that a bunch of our servers will be down for a while because the new power supply system that they're on has a couple wires that are “glowing red” and that they need to disconnect some stuff to resolve the problem. Meanwhile in our secret underground bunker, the phones are ringing off the hook and we're not even answering them because we have nothing that we can really say. Thanks a lot [insert lame service provider company name here]! Thanks a million.

In addition to all the work BS, I had to buy a new tire for my car last night because the old one decided that it liked being flat. $105 for a tire I'll probably be driving on for less than two months. Great.

[Editors Note: The tire got about 3 weeks worth of use, as it took most of the impact when I wrecked the IROC…]

Servers down = headache

Yah. Another crazy day at work. Our server hosting provider finished up today what should have been done yesterday, and the phones were going crazy the whole time. There were a couple times where all 6 lines were full for stretches of 15 minutes or more. Lame. If we would have followed my suggestion and sent an email to the customers, we probably could have avoided 90% of the headache, but no, we didn't. That's life in Tech Support right? Yah. I'm going to have to go ahead and disagree with you there, yeah.

SCSI Goodness

I got my new SCSI hard drives all hooked up and working, except I can't seem to boot the linux install I had going on the IDE drive. POS will not boot… there's always a problem that the documentation refers to as a drive geometry error, and I haven't seen any way to fix the problem. Lame. Windows is working on both workstations, and is pretty speedy now to boot (literally, less than 30 seconds to boot on both machines).

ok. Me = Tired. Me -> sleep.

Server Trouble

Hmm… I haven't rambled in a while, so I probably should. The last few days haven't been terribly eventful, except for maybe work today. That sucked. The people currently hosting our servers decided it would be a great idea to take all of our servers offline and move them to a different power circuit. Yah, that made our lives great in the tech support area. Lots of pissed off people asking where the hell their websites were. Fun.

Not much going on other than that.

Ugh Comcast

Yah… my cable modem is down again… Comcast can suck the fat one!

Adventures at MSU

Wow… today was pretty interesting. I hung out with a guy I know from the onling gaming community – Matt aka Damg!nc. We intended to work on a website that we're charged with upgrading (, but we ended up driving up to MSU to meet up with Gordon to build another server for the MSU gamers club. We were up at Gordy's place building the server and enjoying some beer when Gordy's neighibor came in to borrow his microwave. The RAs on duty happened to walk by at that exact moment and saw the beer and got all pissed off. All parties except Matt were of age, and intelligently he failed to produce ID, so he had to be escorted out of the building. Since he drove, I was obliged to go with him. So we decided to try to crash the XG LAN party down in Mason. We picked up Matt's friend and fellow gamer Manju and his girlfriend, and tried to find the bowling alley where this LAN party was being hosted. Yah, that didn't work so well. We ended up driving all over BFE trying to find it, and when we called one of the guys that was supposed to be there, we found out that the guys we knew were already gone, so we were going for nothing. After that little sojurn, we all decided that Mason sucks ass. That's about it for the notable stuff, nothing else really but a lot of driving. Funny thing is that we never did get any work done on the web page.

Work Rambling Boredom

Here I am, rambling from work. I've been so tired the past couple days. Perhaps I should start getting more than 5 hours of sleep every night. That would mean trying to go to bed at around 10pm. How lame.

I've been thinking over the past couple days that it's time to start looking into getting a new car. The Camaro is about ready to die, plus with all this high-gas-price BS, it's going to start taking me to the cleaners with all the driving I do nowadays. Likely candidates include either a Grand Am or Grand Prix. Any other ideas anyone?

Billing strikes again

Busy day at work today. The beginning of the month always signifies adventures in customer billing, plus today was the first day of school for the two MSU guys, so they weren't in. Lots of excitement in their absence, and perhaps the best line 4 call I've heard to date. On another note, I'm kinda wondering why I bother writing these things, since nobody seems to care enough to read them…