Adventures at MSU

Wow… today was pretty interesting. I hung out with a guy I know from the onling gaming community – Matt aka Damg!nc. We intended to work on a website that we're charged with upgrading (, but we ended up driving up to MSU to meet up with Gordon to build another server for the MSU gamers club. We were up at Gordy's place building the server and enjoying some beer when Gordy's neighibor came in to borrow his microwave. The RAs on duty happened to walk by at that exact moment and saw the beer and got all pissed off. All parties except Matt were of age, and intelligently he failed to produce ID, so he had to be escorted out of the building. Since he drove, I was obliged to go with him. So we decided to try to crash the XG LAN party down in Mason. We picked up Matt's friend and fellow gamer Manju and his girlfriend, and tried to find the bowling alley where this LAN party was being hosted. Yah, that didn't work so well. We ended up driving all over BFE trying to find it, and when we called one of the guys that was supposed to be there, we found out that the guys we knew were already gone, so we were going for nothing. After that little sojurn, we all decided that Mason sucks ass. That's about it for the notable stuff, nothing else really but a lot of driving. Funny thing is that we never did get any work done on the web page.

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