Sheer stupidity

Yah, this might be the crappiest work week ever. On Monday and Tuesday our server host company decided it would be a good idea to move all of our servers to different racks and power supply units. Yes, All of them. more than 100 servers. So yah, the phones were going crazy then, and we answered them. People were pissed and for good reason. We were pissed too. Who in their right mind performs maintenance in the middle of the day, on a weekday?? We pay for their stupidity. Now we get a call today stating that a bunch of our servers will be down for a while because the new power supply system that they're on has a couple wires that are “glowing red” and that they need to disconnect some stuff to resolve the problem. Meanwhile in our secret underground bunker, the phones are ringing off the hook and we're not even answering them because we have nothing that we can really say. Thanks a lot [insert lame service provider company name here]! Thanks a million.

In addition to all the work BS, I had to buy a new tire for my car last night because the old one decided that it liked being flat. $105 for a tire I'll probably be driving on for less than two months. Great.

[Editors Note: The tire got about 3 weeks worth of use, as it took most of the impact when I wrecked the IROC…]

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