The IROC-Z dies…

Wow… total suckitude today. On my way to work today, I spun out on I-96 and wrecked my car. I'm fine though, luckily. The only thing I can figure is that I hit a patch of black ice and lost it. I was cruising in the right lane at 60-65 MPH, and I didn't see any slush or snow. The lane looked clear to me. All of a sudden, the car swerved to the right about 45 degrees, and I was headed into the ditch. There was a tree on the side of the road about 5-6″ in diameter that I totally took out with my left front tire. I was sliding sideways when I hit the tree, so the car spun rather than going straight into it. I think that was the main reason I didn't get hurt. I hit my head a little on the window/door frame, but not nearly as bad as I would have if I hit the tree head on. The impact pushed my left front tire about a foot into the engine compartment, and suspension and linkages were all gone. The car is so old that there's no use in trying to fix it. So the towing company is going to bring it back here, I'll strip my stuff out of it, and then we're going to donate it to charity so we can get a tax writeoff.

It was kinds suprising though… Nobody stopped to help out. Asshole people… My cellphone got smashed when I hit the tree, so I wasn't able to call for help. I stood there for a couple minutes, and then realized there wasn't anything I could do, so I grabbed my boots out of the trunk, and started hoofing it towards M-59. I got about a quarter mile up the road when an ambulance came up behind me. They asked if I was all right, and I said I was fine, and they took me up to a gas station where I waited for the State Police guy. He showed up a couple minutes later, and he drove me back to the scene, and filled out his report. He didn't give me a ticket since my record was clean, which is really sweet.

After the tow truck showed up and loaded the car up, he took me back to the gas station so I could call my parents to come drag my ass home. I ended up waiting there for about an hour and a half. Blah.

Looks like my search for a new car begins much sooner and with more urgency than I would have liked…

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