Monthly Archives: March 2003

I finally got the pictures of the Camaro developed that were taken after my spin out accident last month… They're in the Pictures section.


Maybe if I go to bed early this godforsaken day will end sooner…

Big Phillin’

Wow, what a fun weekend. A bunch of us went down to Indianapolis to meet up with Andre. He was there for a job interview, and we thought it would be fun to meet up with him down there and enjoy a plethora of drunken debauchery. It was excellent. We met him at the local Hooters for wings and women, and watched the Red Wings game as well. After that, we checked into the hotel, and took a much needed power nap. We then called a cab and headed downtown. We found a bar called the Ugly Monkey, and it had our kind of vibe, so we sat down. Our waitress was way hot, so we were quite happy. We each had about 5 rounds there, and then we headed down the street to this blues bar called the Slippery Noodle. Great names in Indy, huh?. It was a pretty cool place. The band that was playing was solid, and the beer was sweet as well. Jon, Andre, and I each had about a pitcher worth of beer there, and it was good. We probably spent two hours there maybe, but we again felt the urge to explore. We wandered back up the street to this Irish pub we noticed earlier in the evening. We sat down and had a beer each, but left soon because the beers were way expensive. We wandered our way back to the Ugly Monkey and renewed our friendship with the hot waitress. She did a couple shots with us, and we got a couple pictures with her, which will soon appear in the pictures area, heh. We stayed there until closing time (3AM, woohoo!), and then we headed back. I passed out pretty quickly once I laid down, which was good, because Andre snores like crazy, making it impossible to fall asleep after he crashes.

Jon and I definitely paid the price for our night of craziness, me especially. I woke up the next morning wanting to eat a nice complete breakfast, but my stomach had other plans. We headed to bob evans, and when my food got there, I couldn't even touch it. My stomach was revolting against me, with good reason. I just took it all out in a box, and I ate some of it during the ride home, after my stomach chemistry normalized a bit. Overall, it was a load of fun, despite the hangover and inability to eat. We'll have to do it again sometime.

LAN Party Goodness

The [MSU] LAN Event was a success! We had about 20 people show up, which is about on par with what we wanted for the first LAN. We had a few technical issues at the beginning with the server configurations, but we were able to work them out, and things went smoothly. Plans are forming for MSU LAN II!

Waiting for the warmth

All I have to say today is that I hate snow. I want all snow within a 300 mile radius of me to melt, like right now. Snow made me wreck my car a month ago, snow made me get home really late last night, and snow made my drive to work take 2 hours. Snow needs to go. Snow needs to take it's millions-of-unique-water-crystal ass and get the hell out. Yah.

Gaming Craziness

Wow, today was one of those days. For the first 6 hours of work, life was sucky. Servers were down. accounts weren't working, and shit was just being uncooperative in general. Very frustrating. The last few hours were ok once everything got back running smooth again. I met with some of the [MSU] guys after work to discuss our LAN Event this weekend. It looks like we should be all set for a good time on saturday. I'll probably only be there for about half of it, since Jack's throwing his LAN the same night… heh, ton's of LAN gaming action, all on one day. Should be a good time.

Future Housing

I've been thinking a lot about finally moving out and getting an apartment over the past couple days. Marty offered up the third spot in his apartment for the coming year, with cheap rent, but I don't know if I want to live with two other people. It's time to get my own place. I haven't looked much elsewhere, so I'll have to take a look around before I make any decisions.

I did some more adjustments to the layout… now my page has the highly coveted THREE COLUMN LAYOUT. *APPLAUSE* I also moved the first couple ramblings onto the main page, since the static page that was there was terribly boring. My ramblings will be only slightly less boring.

Looking for some changes…

Wow… it's been a long time since I rambled. I guess I haven't had too much to say lately. Life has been pretty uneventful recently. I'm loving the new car, but I'm really racking up the miles on my long-ass drive to work every day. I've had the car just for around 3 weeks now, and it's already got like 2500+ miles on it. I need to move my ass up to Lansing so I don't have to worry about going over the mileage on my lease.

I'm really getting sick of winter. It's been freakin cold and snowy and miserable for like, 5 months now. F that. It's time for warmth and sun, so I can drive with the windows down and not need three layers of clothing to go outside. Kiss off old man winter!

I guess I've been getting kinda tired of online chat mediums too. I've pretty much quit IRC for the time being, and I don't really talk to too many people on AIM these days. Part of it is me not having much to say, part of it is that nobody ever seems to have anything to say to me… :\

I updated the look of the site a bit… I was bored. Mike-Cam has made a return.