Monthly Archives: April 2003

Integrated the image of The Flag into the header image… looks much more sexy now…

Yay Chris!

Not much to talk about lately… Work is work… not much else going on besides that. Chris just informed me last night that he proposed to Lana, so he's engaged now! I think everybody has been expecting it for a while, and it wasn't much of a suprise to me. I wish them all the best. It's also kinda depressing since it seeems like I'm in total third wheel territory wherever I'm at these days… 🙁

Fun at Tiki Bobs

Friday night was cool. I hung out with Jim and Steve, and Matt, who I met through Jim and Steve. Matt was throwing a little gathering at Tiki Bobs, and I was invited. I wasn't a fan of the music there, but the wait staff sure was appealing to the eye! 😉 We all got pretty trashed, and had a great time.

More Comcast Woes

Grrr… The cable modem has been down for a solid two days now. It would seem that it isn't Comcast's fault though, since there was an Ameritech guy working on the pole friday, and the cable modem went down shortly after that. Still, it's a pain in my ass.

Darin got the pictures for the Indy trip developed, and I scanned them up and put them in the pictures section…

Weekend Update

Hmmm… I'm slacking again. Not much has been happening lately. Work has calmed down a bit after a week of hell. Calm weeks are definitely better than busy ones (duh)…