Monthly Archives: May 2003

Spring Cleaning

Cleaned up the file structure for the website a bit, removed old unused files, and some other backstage stuff… probably nothing that you can see.

Ups and Downs at Cedar Point

Yesterday, along with a couple friends, I went to Cedar Point. For 4/5 of us it was a blast… more on that in a sec.

Jon and I left thursday night and got a hotel room, so we wouldn't have to wake up ass early and drive friday morning. Andre had the same plan, and he drove up from Tennessee with a friend from work, James, and his wife, Amy. Jon and I had quite the blunder on our trip… We were heading east on the Ohio turnpike, just chatting and listening to music. Well, we must have zoned out bigtime, because neither of us noticed that we passed our exit, and we overshot it by a good 20 miles. When we noticed the blunder, we doubled back, and got to the hotel without too much lost time. Andre rolled in at about 2:30am.

We woke up and had breakfast and got to the park at about 11:00. Jon and I hit a stroke of good fortune when we were about to pay for our tickets, a guy walked up to us asking if we were buying tickets. We were both like “yah, why?” Well, apparently he was a part of a school group, and they had two extra tickets, and he gave them to us because he couldn't sell them, or something. Whatever the case, we got in for free! We were quite pumped, needless to say.

We headed for the Raptor, which is where the misfortune started. We waited in line for about 45 minutes, and after Jon and I rode, we noticed Andre walking off the ride ahead of us, which was strange since he was in line behind us. We caught up with him, and he was all pissed off. Apparently they wouldn't let him ride because he didn't fit. The shoulder restraint was fine, but the little 3″ seat belt thing didn't reach from the seat to the shoulder restraint, so he couldn't ride. Gayness. Well, that turned out to be a trend in all the coasters he tried to ride (except the Gemini), so he pretty much said screw it. He got his money back, and then went out to his car to read. No use being at the Point if you can't ride the rides.

Well, more misfortune struck while we were riding… Andre figured he'd be productive while were in the park, and he went to get his oil changed, got the car washed, and he vacuumed out the car and got some Armor-All and cleaned out the interior all nice. Unfortunately, when he was getting a towel out of his trunk, he accidently locked his keys in it. He had to call a locksmith to come and open the trunk for him. He was quite pissed. He eventually got back into the car, and came and picked us up.

The night got a bit better after that – we went out to Outback and had some mean eats. Good stuff. The ride home was uneventful, with no missed exits… heh. I had a great time.. I just feel bad that Andre had such a shitty day…

New(er) rides at Cedar Point

Millenium Force: This ride kicks ass. It's smooth and hella fast, and that first hill is just huge.

Wicked Twister: This ride kinda sucked. It was really short, and quite boring. The initial acceleration into the loopy things was kinda cool, but after that, it was boring.

Power Tower: Pretty sweet. There are two versions of the ride, one where you're shot up from the ground to the top (about 200-250 feet I'm guessing), and the other shoots you from the top straight down. I rode the latter, and it was sweet. They just hang you there for a while, then boom, you're hurtling towards the ground. Quite a rush.

The new dragster ride thingy: Can't remember the name for it exactly, and I didn't ride it either. The ride looks like a rush, but the wait was 2-3 hours for most of the day… No way I'm waiting that long for a ride that lasts less than a minute.


Work today was uneventful. With the new guys in there, it's actually kinda boring sometimes, because we're trying to let them do stuff, and all we really have to do is explain… heh… I'm heading to cedar point with Jon tonight, and we'll meet up with Andre once we get there. It'll be fun.

Content updates, round 1

Took a few minutes to rewrite the About Me page, since it was written about 2 years ago and only slightly modified in the intirim… Also laid the Metallica page to rest, since they don't garner much respect in my book anymore… I may save the concert review I did for the show in '98, but that's probably going to be it. More content updates when I get some spare time.

Wait, it’s wednesday??

Gotta love holiday weeks. Even though I worked on monday, it just seems like it's still tuesday or something. The past few days at work have been pretty slow since we've got 2 new hires coming in the mornings, and we're letting them do a lot of the help desk tickets so they can learn stuff… makes it kinda slow for the rest of us… 🙂 They're picking things up quickly, which is good.

I just got done shooting baskets for most of an hour… it's funny how inconsistent I shoot most of the time… I'll knock down 5 shots in a row trotting around the 3-point line, then I'll totally lose some aspect of my [lack-of] shooting form, and I'll shoot horrible for a while, then I'll do something right, and make shots. I guess that's why I was never a basketball player. It's good to get out and get a bit of exercise though.

Oh yah – Queensryche is still sweet.

Double Time

While most people were enjoying BBQs or sleeping in or whatever, I went in to work. I got 8 hours of work for today because of the holiday, plus the 9.5 hours that I worked… Ching! It'll balance out though, since I'm taking friday off to head to cedar point. Work was pretty slow, save the huge backlog of help desk tickets that had accumulated. I took a bunch of them, and Josh wandered in and helped with them too. A new guy, Steven, started today. He seems quite bright, and is quite personable… should fit in well once he gets up to speed with everything.

Also, every self-respecting rock-music lover should go out and buy Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche. It's damn sweet. It's a concept album, and it rules. You don't need justification, go buy it.

"Eyes of a Stranger"

I just bought some new CDs today, Rage for Order and Operation: Mindcrime by Queensryche, and Awake and Falling Into Infinity by Dream Theater. I was familiar with the Dream Theater CDs, but I was kinda going on a limb with the Queensryche. I knew they were good, but how good was in doubt. Well, I dig the albums a lot. Mindcrime has one song that's been on repeat all friggin day – Eyes of a Stranger. I'm not sure why I like it so much, but it's definitely sweet in my book… It's got a real big sound, multiple guitar lines going at once, with a big presence from the rhythm section. Good Stuff.


Got bored today and decided to update the website. I set up categories in my dynamic content in addition to just the ramblings… now there are Rants, Reviews, Ramblings, and News. Also, the website updates have been merged into the same system as well.

Lazy saturday…

The title says it all…. Didn't do much of anything today. I messed around on the computer most of the day, and doodled with the guitar a bit too. Played some counterstrike with Matt, and newbs fell at our feet. It was kinda cold all day, so I wasn't totally geeked about doing anything outside. One thing that the cool weather aided with was a project dad has been meaning to complete – send another signal cable from the satellite dish to the kitchen, so we can use our second satellite reciever. This led my dad and I both having to climb in to the attic sections of the house (our house has two attics, loosely connected by about a square-foot sized gap), amd running the cable. Fun stuff. My arms are all itchy from the insulation. Yay.

I'm debating on wether to go into work tomorrow… I'm definitely going in on monday, so I can get the double time. I'm going to cedar point with some of the guys on friday, so I don't want to miss out on the chance to keep my paycheck where it should be.