Comcast off the hook?

Well, after a week of around 80% cable modem down time, I was ready to bite the head off of anyone who uttered the word Comcast. They had a area wide outage over the past weekend according ot their tech support line, but two days later, tech support didn't seem to know about it. The cable modem kept going up and down, being down much more than up, and we called back ready to bitch. They scheduled a repair guy to come out today. I didn't think our line had anything to do with it, but I was wrong. Turns out our we were losing at least 90% of the signal in the 100 or so feet of cable between the pole and the modem. The repair man replaced the cable from the pole to the house, and the signal was a ton better. I'm going to wait a while to make sure it's still good, and if it is, I might have to repent a bit on the hateful statements I've made about them. 🙂

Nothing much else is going on… my car hit 10,000 miles on friday… I really need to move to Lansing!

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