Anthrax/Motorhead, 5/14/03

Jon and I went and checked out Anthrax last night. I would say we went to check out Anthrax and Motorhead, but Motorhead wasn't all that impressive. More on that later. The first band that played was Erase The Grey… We both thought they were pretty good. They had kind of a nu-metal sound, but they used a lead guitarist + solos, which is normally absent from the nu-metal sound. The next band was Havochate. We both thought they were decent as well. They were total metal, complete with a lot of double bass, hard-chunkin' riffs, and harmonized solos. The only thing that was kind of out of place was the singer… it wasn't his singing, which was fine… he just looked like he should be behind a desk somewhere with a suit and tie.

Now on to Anthax… They rocked the house, no two ways about it. They opened up with some new stuff (What Doesn't Die), and it set the stage for a heavy night. They had a great selection of songs, with lots of new and old songs. The only thing that made it a drag is that we were right on the edge of the pit, and we had to fend off these two drunken assholes the whole time… the guys were completely trashed, but kept buying more beer. Not normally a bad thing, but they kept taking it into the pit with them and giving everyone beer showers. I must have got doused at least 4 times. I was ready to punch the guys out, but instead I took my liberties in launching them into the pit.

We stepped out of the fray for Motorhead, and we were glad that we did. In short, Motorhead's sound was horrible. They have a really droning sound to begin with, but they had the volume cranked up waay to loud, and it was just painful. We couldn't take it, and we left after 4 songs. Overall, it was good, because Anthrax just rocked.

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