Lazy saturday…

The title says it all…. Didn't do much of anything today. I messed around on the computer most of the day, and doodled with the guitar a bit too. Played some counterstrike with Matt, and newbs fell at our feet. It was kinda cold all day, so I wasn't totally geeked about doing anything outside. One thing that the cool weather aided with was a project dad has been meaning to complete – send another signal cable from the satellite dish to the kitchen, so we can use our second satellite reciever. This led my dad and I both having to climb in to the attic sections of the house (our house has two attics, loosely connected by about a square-foot sized gap), amd running the cable. Fun stuff. My arms are all itchy from the insulation. Yay.

I'm debating on wether to go into work tomorrow… I'm definitely going in on monday, so I can get the double time. I'm going to cedar point with some of the guys on friday, so I don't want to miss out on the chance to keep my paycheck where it should be.

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