Wait, it’s wednesday??

Gotta love holiday weeks. Even though I worked on monday, it just seems like it's still tuesday or something. The past few days at work have been pretty slow since we've got 2 new hires coming in the mornings, and we're letting them do a lot of the help desk tickets so they can learn stuff… makes it kinda slow for the rest of us… 🙂 They're picking things up quickly, which is good.

I just got done shooting baskets for most of an hour… it's funny how inconsistent I shoot most of the time… I'll knock down 5 shots in a row trotting around the 3-point line, then I'll totally lose some aspect of my [lack-of] shooting form, and I'll shoot horrible for a while, then I'll do something right, and make shots. I guess that's why I was never a basketball player. It's good to get out and get a bit of exercise though.

Oh yah – Queensryche is still sweet.

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