New(er) rides at Cedar Point

Millenium Force: This ride kicks ass. It's smooth and hella fast, and that first hill is just huge.

Wicked Twister: This ride kinda sucked. It was really short, and quite boring. The initial acceleration into the loopy things was kinda cool, but after that, it was boring.

Power Tower: Pretty sweet. There are two versions of the ride, one where you're shot up from the ground to the top (about 200-250 feet I'm guessing), and the other shoots you from the top straight down. I rode the latter, and it was sweet. They just hang you there for a while, then boom, you're hurtling towards the ground. Quite a rush.

The new dragster ride thingy: Can't remember the name for it exactly, and I didn't ride it either. The ride looks like a rush, but the wait was 2-3 hours for most of the day… No way I'm waiting that long for a ride that lasts less than a minute.

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