Monthly Archives: June 2003

Hmmm… forgot to post

Hmm… this week hasn't been all that eventful really… I've worked both yesterday and today so that I can take wednesday and thursday off next week… Combine that, the 4th of July, and the weekend makes a nice break! I'll take the kick in the nuts that is working on the weekend to get 5 days off in a row.

I bought that MPEG2 capture card, and my MythTV box is in the process of being set up. Now if the thing weren't so damn slow, I probably could have been done now. Oh well. Alsa just finished compiling, so I'm going to get back to configuring… more to come soon…

I’ve been Googled!

I've been cleaning up the session code the past couple of days since it pretty much broke when I upgraded the server (and more to the point, PHP). I just got ultra-scanned by Google the other day, so it must have made the page a bit more friendly. Any other time the Google crawlers came by, it would hit the index page and die. I also combined the About the site and about the server pages into one, since they're essentially the same thing, and were both pretty thin content wise.

More Gentoo Goodness

Well, Gentoo's conquest of my linux machines is almost complete. Thursday night I begain converting my fileserver machine over to Gentoo, and I think I have everything finished up as of a copule hours ago. I'm still compiling a few things, but all the important functions are set up (i.e. DNS, Printing, and file serving). Everything else is going to be pretty much cosmetic at this point.

Only one more computer to go, but I've got some cool plans for that one, once I get a few bucks to spend… My buddy Steve discovered a project called MythTV a couple weeks back, and set it up on a spare computer at his place. It basically turns a linux computer into a Tivo machine, allowing you to record video to disk and do the cool Tivo-ish functions like rewinding a 'live' broadcast and watching it again… Steve went all out and bought a dedicated MPEG2 capture card, and he says he gets some great quality from it. Well, he's planted the seed in me as well… I've wanted to have a video capture system for a long time, and this seems like a good way to implement it, so once I get the bills paid this month I'm thinking of getting a capture card and doing some Gentoo/MythTV stuff… Should be pretty cool. That might allow me to actually see the shows I enjoy watching but never remember to watch…

Woohoo, it’s the weekend

Well, the craziness I highlighted in my last post didn't happen, thank god, but there was plenty of drama to take its place. Our network provider was having all kinds of trouble with their router yesterday, providing nice slow ping times (a bad thing) and lots of customers calling about slow ping times and a few instances of downtime (another bad thing).

Today wasn't so bad… pretty calm actually. One potentially sucky thing was brought to light today though… Apparently our whole support office, an adjoining room, and a couple of adjoining walls all share one circuit, which is bad. Right now there are 8 computers, some other equipment, a fishtank + lights + pump, and a refrigerator all on that circuit. Yah, and we're supposed to add two more computers in there somehow… Riiiight.

I'm currently converting my file server over to Gentoo… yes, I've gone off the deep end, because Gentoo rocks. It's compiling some Xwindows stuff right now, and it'll probably be compiling shit until well into the afternoon/evening tomorrow. I got the NFS and Samba servers going first though, so it's sharing files like it normally would.

You’ve gotta be kidding me…

Oh, I may have a rant tomorrow if things don't go right… a couple guys at work made an executive decision that could possibly make our lives HELL for the next few days if it doesn't work out the way they plan… They changed a the way apache and PHP behave on EVERY ONE of our shared servers, which means any person that has CGI or PHP scripts that read/write data files may be calling us because their shit was broken by the change…. Tomorrow could get interesting…

Webserver 2.0 in full effect

Well, my new webserver is up and running with full Gentoo goodness. I've got all of the data and programs moved over, and it seems to be working. I had to change some of the code for the site a bit since the PHP version changed, but no big deal really. Changing the admin pages for will be another matter… that's why I'm going to be the true procrastinator and do it LATER. 🙂 The server info page has been updated with the new info.

New web server!

In a yet another stunning example of an ill-advised purchase, Joe and I bought ourselves identical “new” servers from the MSU Surplus Store. He's going to make his into a multi-server, while mine's just going to be a web server. It's a dual P2 450, with 256 MB RAM, 9 GB SCSI drive, and ethernet + audio right onboard. It's virually identical to the file server I have now, which was also purchased from the surplus store, except for the processors. Gentoo is compiling on it as we speak… I'm just waiting for 'emerge ethereal eterm gkrellm xemacs xinetd netkit-rsh gnome mysql apache php' to finish, so I can do 'emerge postfix courier-imap' and whatever other crap I decide to put on it. It'll probably be finished by July I would figure…

Boredom, kinda?

The last few days have been pretty slow and uneventful. Work has been quite relaxed since we've got more people now… There are two more guys coming in the mornings now, so it makes for a lot less weight on my shoulders. Today I spent most of the day working on the bane of my Liquid Web existence – chargebacks. They suck. Really time consuming and tedious. Blah.

I played guitar for a while this evening. Boy am I rusty. I need to play more. I'm all sloppy and losing my chops… bah. Oh well. Once I move up to Lansing and have less to do and more time, I'll probably play more.

Song of the moment: When the Water Breaks by Liquid Tension Experiment

Gentoo Goodness

Pushed on by Joe, Josh, Zac, and Matt, I finally decided to give Gentoo a shot. For those not in the know, Gentoo is another Linux distribution, but it's kinda different from most others. Most distros distribute pre-compiled packages, and they aren't really optimized or anything like that. Gentoo's selling point is that it downloads the source for each package that you choose to install and compiles it on the spot, with any optimization settings that you choose. This allows for a streamlined install that is custom tailored to your system. Pretty cool stuff.

I haven't had a whole lot of trouble getting things going so far… The Gentoo forums have a ton of information, which is definitely good. The interface and the internals are a bit different than Red Hat, but nothing that I can't get used to. I'm going to try it out for a while, and if I continute to like it, I'll probably end up converting my web and file servers over to Gentoo when I have like, a week to spare (compiling stuff takes a long time). Being able to download the newest source and have the system automatically satisfy software dependencies is really sweet.

Stupid broken installs….

Bah, stupid stupid linux… I love it, yet I hate it. I just want to have Gnome 2.x on the damn computers, yet there is no easy way to get it on to my Red Hat 7.3 installs. Granted, I could grab a lot of shit and complie it myself, but I'm lazy. Give me RPMs. So I got ambitious, and installed Red Hat 8. It worked, but since I like having all my linux systems running the same version, I went back to 7.3, in hopes that I could jimmy it. Well, the 7.3 install has broken twice now, so I'm pissed. I'm saying screw it for now. I'm prolly going to try Gentoo tomorrow since I've got 3 people I know saying that it's sweet and that I should try it. Nows as good of a time as any…