More Pedalboard goodness

Today was kinda hectic at work… just seemed like a lot of stuff was going on. I didn't do much as far as help desk tickets, but I did get a few projects done. Let's hope they work… 🙂

I took a trip to Radio Shack today and got the rest of the parts to finish my pedalboard project. I rewired the little power distribution box I have for my pedals so that each pedal plugs in to it individually via an RCA jack, instead of a mass jumble of wires going into one plug. Its a lot cleaner now. I also lengthened its main power cord to about 15-20 feet, so I can range far from an outlet with the pedalboard, as long as the signal and amp footswitch cables are long enough. All in all, I think its about done. I'm pleased.

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