Stupid broken installs….

Bah, stupid stupid linux… I love it, yet I hate it. I just want to have Gnome 2.x on the damn computers, yet there is no easy way to get it on to my Red Hat 7.3 installs. Granted, I could grab a lot of shit and complie it myself, but I'm lazy. Give me RPMs. So I got ambitious, and installed Red Hat 8. It worked, but since I like having all my linux systems running the same version, I went back to 7.3, in hopes that I could jimmy it. Well, the 7.3 install has broken twice now, so I'm pissed. I'm saying screw it for now. I'm prolly going to try Gentoo tomorrow since I've got 3 people I know saying that it's sweet and that I should try it. Nows as good of a time as any…

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