New web server!

In a yet another stunning example of an ill-advised purchase, Joe and I bought ourselves identical “new” servers from the MSU Surplus Store. He's going to make his into a multi-server, while mine's just going to be a web server. It's a dual P2 450, with 256 MB RAM, 9 GB SCSI drive, and ethernet + audio right onboard. It's virually identical to the file server I have now, which was also purchased from the surplus store, except for the processors. Gentoo is compiling on it as we speak… I'm just waiting for 'emerge ethereal eterm gkrellm xemacs xinetd netkit-rsh gnome mysql apache php' to finish, so I can do 'emerge postfix courier-imap' and whatever other crap I decide to put on it. It'll probably be finished by July I would figure…

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