Woohoo, it’s the weekend

Well, the craziness I highlighted in my last post didn't happen, thank god, but there was plenty of drama to take its place. Our network provider was having all kinds of trouble with their router yesterday, providing nice slow ping times (a bad thing) and lots of customers calling about slow ping times and a few instances of downtime (another bad thing).

Today wasn't so bad… pretty calm actually. One potentially sucky thing was brought to light today though… Apparently our whole support office, an adjoining room, and a couple of adjoining walls all share one circuit, which is bad. Right now there are 8 computers, some other equipment, a fishtank + lights + pump, and a refrigerator all on that circuit. Yah, and we're supposed to add two more computers in there somehow… Riiiight.

I'm currently converting my file server over to Gentoo… yes, I've gone off the deep end, because Gentoo rocks. It's compiling some Xwindows stuff right now, and it'll probably be compiling shit until well into the afternoon/evening tomorrow. I got the NFS and Samba servers going first though, so it's sharing files like it normally would.

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