More Gentoo Goodness

Well, Gentoo's conquest of my linux machines is almost complete. Thursday night I begain converting my fileserver machine over to Gentoo, and I think I have everything finished up as of a copule hours ago. I'm still compiling a few things, but all the important functions are set up (i.e. DNS, Printing, and file serving). Everything else is going to be pretty much cosmetic at this point.

Only one more computer to go, but I've got some cool plans for that one, once I get a few bucks to spend… My buddy Steve discovered a project called MythTV a couple weeks back, and set it up on a spare computer at his place. It basically turns a linux computer into a Tivo machine, allowing you to record video to disk and do the cool Tivo-ish functions like rewinding a 'live' broadcast and watching it again… Steve went all out and bought a dedicated MPEG2 capture card, and he says he gets some great quality from it. Well, he's planted the seed in me as well… I've wanted to have a video capture system for a long time, and this seems like a good way to implement it, so once I get the bills paid this month I'm thinking of getting a capture card and doing some Gentoo/MythTV stuff… Should be pretty cool. That might allow me to actually see the shows I enjoy watching but never remember to watch…

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