MythTV progress and headaches

Well, I guess the headaches came before the progress, so I'll document them first. MythTV uses a package called XMLTV to grab the TV listings for its database. In turn, the north american version fo XMLTV grabs its listings from a site called, and from what I can tell, just parses the TV listings straight out of their HTML code. Well, zap2it changed the format of their site, which broke XMLTV, which breaks a lot of MythTV. Pain in the butt. It people who have a working channel listing are merely inconvenienced, but people like me who didn't have a working channel listing are screwed for the time being.

The good thing is that Steve was kind enough to mail me his database (containing channel listings, albeit the wrong ones), and I was able to play around a bit. The recording part works very well, using around 1GB per hour of recorded video. Not too bad for a high quality mpeg2 stream. Streaming that recorded video through mythtv is a bit slow and choppy though… I think its something in my configuration on the client machine, so it's probably something I can fix. Playing the videos with mplayer or windows media player is fine though, so if all else fails, I still have that. Very cool. Now I just need to buy a monster drive so I can record a ton of stuff. And upgrade the MythTV box so it can actually play back the video it records…

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