Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Just got back from checking out T3, and I must say that I enjoyed it. Tons of action. It could pretty much be called a two hour chase scene, but there were a few breaks that calmed things down. The demolition budget for this film had to be just huge…. they blow up, run over, and just plain destroy so much stuff in the movie that its just plain crazy. The plot could be called a bit thin, but it works. Anybody that saw the previous two Terminator films already knows what's going on, so background is just unnecessary. The film definitely takes a few interesting twists that one wouldn't expect, but they're definitely cool. The end is kinda anti-climatic, definitely leaving room for Terminator 4, or as we were mentioning in the parking lot afterwards, John Connor 3, since Arnold isn't exactly young these days. (Anybody that can pinpoint the [MainCharacter] – [MovieNumber] reference gets bonus points. Hint: it's not Rocky or Rambo… it's from a bad movie with a great soundtrack.)

And, yah, I have to comment, the actress that played the TX is waaay hot. Kristanna Loken, you can call me any time – which would be a neat trick, since you don't have my phone number, but I figured I'd throw it out there. (Yah, that was lame, oh well… I'm single and lame, I accept it.)

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