Vacation, part deux

Ok, I'm pissed, I just typed this whole entry in, and IE fuckin crapped and dumped it. Now I gotta type it in again. Grr….. Ok.

The fourth of July was a blast. I spent it over on Andre's lake with the crew, Andre's pontoon boat, the sandbar, and a Half Barrell of Miller Lite (I think). The day started off kinda nasty, with thunderstorms and wind. It passed pretty quickly and the day became quite perfect. We dropped some lawn chairs on the sand bar and lounged in the waves and got totally shitcanned. It was excellent. We even brought Chris's mobile Beirut table out, and set it up for a game in knee deep water. The wind ruined the pace of the game, but it was still a lot of fun.

I hate getting older sometimes though, well, sorta. One of Andre's dad's friends from work was over, and he had his daughter with him… Damn, she was hot. Ain't nothing finer than an attractive girl in with great figure in a bikini, and she was all kinds of fine. But…. she's 17. Well under the age cap. Just wouldn't have been right. Damn you conscience and morality! 😉 Wasn't just me though… she was catching the attention of the older married guys as well, so I don't feel like a total creep… heh.

Yesterday Andre and I went golfing with his dad and uncle. It was a beautiful day for it, save about 20 minutes where it rained a bit. The sun wasn't too bad, which was fine with our sunburned backs and shoulders. I shot a 63 on the front and a 50 on the back. The former is about average for me I think, so the latter was actually pretty good. I think I remembered how to use my irons on the back 9, which is always a good thing.

Haven't done too much today… I cut the grass and am putting off a few other chores around the house in the name of laziness. Ah well, they'll get done… eventually.

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