No news is… no news

Well, the past couple days have been quite boring and uneventful, as the last few months have been for the most part. Yesterday was busy at work, which is unusual for a friday. It probably just seemed more busy since the crew was lighter than usual. Whatever the reason, I noticed I answered more calls. Also, I seemed to get all the lame customers from hell asking stupid questions about stuff we're really not supposed to worry about (i.e. how to design their websites), but they never took the hint to just bugger off. Argh.

Today has been pretty slow too… I played CS with Matt for a couple hours today… We always seem to find a way to own the servers we play in… maybe it's just because we've both played for a long time, and pick easy servers… heheh.. I might do some website stuff tonight since I'm bored, but then again, I may not.

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