A day in the life of …..

Wow. That title could almost make my life seem interesting. Well, it's pretty boring… There is some notable news though – Jon proposed to Michelle, so they're engaged now too. That brings the non-engaged count in my main circle of friends to two – Andre and I… and since Andre is in Indianapolis, yah, it's just me around here. I'm happy for all my friends, but I'm feeling more and more alienated by everyone elses happiness… I obviously don't have a significant other, and there isn't even a remote one-in-a-million prospect. I work in a sausage farm, and White Lake isn't exactly fertile female country, and I'm essentially a hermit. Sucks a bunch. :-\ “Good game Mike, thanks for playing the game of life. You don't even get a lousy copy of our home game. Now GTFO.”

I'm also quite pissed… I ordered a couple of hard drives for the mythbox on saturday, and the damn order hasn't even been processed yet. WTF. Charging a debit card and putting two drives in a box and giving it to Brown (what a stupid slogan for UPS btw…) is not terribly complicated.

On a bright note… I played some guitar tonight and my fingers weren't stupid. On a not as bright note, I shot baskets out on the court behind my house, and I sucked. Fun.

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