Canoe Trip ’03

This past weekend was the annual LaRouche land canoe trip. There was a pretty good turnout this year. Our part of the crew consisted of Jon and Michelle, Andre, Chris and Lana and two of her friends, Bob, and myself. We staggered up to the property, with Jon and Michelle arriving first, followed by me at about 8:30, then Chris and crew around 11ish, Andre around 1am, and Bob around 5:30am (ouch!). Jon and I took an opportunity to break in the new beirut table. We got one game in before darkness took over, and then we went on to drinking in a more standard manne – from the can. Jon and I had a pretty good jag on by the time Chris showed up, and plenty of good times were had. I honestly don't remember if I was awake when Andre showed up, but it doesn't really matter. Apparently after I passed out, Chris and Andre kept the night alive for quite a while apparently.. Michelle said something about them being up until 5am or so. I was passed the hell out, so I don't wouldn't be able to say either way.

The morning of the canoe trip started off kinda crappy, with dark skies and rain, and a bit of thunder. Being the (foolish) troopers that we are, we went anyway. The first half of the trip was kinda rainy, but the thunder wasn't present thankfully. The second half was much nicer, with the sun breaking through the clouds for a while. Good times were had in the evening as well… we set up the beirut table again and played a few games before it got dark, and before the drinking beer ran out. Bob brough bottles of some nicer stuff, and Jon and Bob played a 1 on 1 game with some of it, but it was determined that it wasn't suitable for beirut. After the sun set, we sat around in a circle being merry and talking… pretty cool. We all passed out pretty quickly that night. Well, I did anyways.

Today was rather uneventful. We got all packed up and headed home. Only took me two hours to get home, which is pretty good. Overall, a good time.

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