Slow Week

It's been a few days since I updated this, and it's a slow morning at work, so what the hell. Well, like the title says, it's been a slow week. My parents have been up north for a while, and my sister is up camping with a friend until tomorrow, so it's just me and the cat at home. Makes it easy to be loud and play the guitar without pissing anybody off, so that's cool. Work has been pretty slow as well (knock on wood), which is good. It'll probably be a calm before the storm… we're scheduled to start moving servers from their current location in pennsylvania to our datacenter once our OC3 lights up. I'm sure there will be some problems, even though we're going to be meticulous as possible. We're all excited about the opportunity though. Everything will be in our house, no more depending on someone else to do stuff that we could do better ourselves. We're pumped.

Last night was kinda jank for a couple reasons. First, I rolled my ankle while shooting some hoops last night, which sucks. I wasn't even on the court though… I was in the grass next to the court picking up the ball and I stepped on an uneven area, and boom, maximum ankle rollage. suck. Then later on, after I went to bed and was pretty much sound asleep, the UPS that protects my File and Web servers started beeping like mad, signifying a power outage. I got out of bed and thought it strange that my alarm clock was still on, and then I saw that everything else in my room was on as well. I don't know why, but the UPS was convinced that there was something wrong with the power, so I had to power it down and plug in everything straight into the wall. Hopefully it isn't something messed up in the UPS – that thing cost me like $100. I'd be pissed.

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