Fun with golf

Today was the bachelor party for one of Andre's buddies from Tech, and Chris, Andre's Dad, Guy, and myself got invited to make the golf portion of the day a bit more fun. There were only 8 guys doing the golf bit, so our addition made 12. Nice and fun. I played on a team with the previously mentioned guys, and we ended up “winning” with an even par performance. The purpose of the day wasn't really to play golf, it served as more of a drinking warmup for the nights festivities. It was a 4 man scramble – definitely my type of golf. It allows me to swing big off the tees, which is all I'm really good at anyways. I ended up winning the longest drive on the third hole with a shot that Andre's dad estimated at 260-270 yards… Crappy thing is that I sorta duffed it – I left a 6″ scuff on the ground behind the ball. If I would have hit it right, I might have had another 20 yards on it. The hole kinda had a downhill trend, so that helped too. Guy led off that hole with a pretty sweet drive of his own, in the 250 yard range, so he was feeling pretty good until I bested him. All in all it was a really fun time. Perfect day for it too… sunny, not too much wind, not too hot, but warm enough to remind you that it's still summer.

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