Yup, it was monday

Mondays are sucky in general due to the fact that they're not the weekend, but mondays that begin at the beginning of the month, and hence the beginning of a billing cycle, suck even more. So many people called today it wasn't funny. Then there was the server that was essentially down but we didn't know it because the monitoring system had locked up… Then there was the guy whose online shopping cart broke apparently by some action on our part… I spent like 2 hours trying to figure out what the deal was, then I tried restarting the webserver, and for whatever reason, that solved his problem. What a pain. This evening has been pretty quiet, sorta. I dinked around on the guitar for a while… I made up this cool palm-muted riff and constructed a few parts around it, then promptly forgot it as quick as I came up with it. Such is life. My sister and I just finished pigging out on chips and salsa, and it's about time for bed.

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