Fun times in Ann Arbor

Yesterday I went down to Ann Arbor to participate in Steve's going away gathering. We had a great time. We had a good sized crew… Most of them were people I knew through Jim and Steve, all cool people. We sat around for a while and showed everyone the wonders of MythTV. Most parties involved, especially Jim, thought it was really cool. He wants to make a Myth system now, heheh… After our nerding out was finished, we went on to the Red Hawk and had dinner and beer… well, by the time all was said and done, there were 11 people there, and I would think that we were quite a pain for the wait staff. We also ran up a $250 tab, so that probably made the people of Red Hawk happy. On our way over to the next place, we of the MSU contingent made it clear that we wanted to urinate on some UofM building just out of principle, even though we never did. We almost did get into a fight though, which was really strange. We were just walking down a sidewalk behind these two guys, and one of them turns to us and says “hey look at my back!” He proceeded to pull up his tshirt and show us some tattoos on his back, and we were all like WTF. Apparently he didn't think we reacted appropriately, because he turned around with an agressive stance like he was going to hit someone. Luckily for him, his buddy said something before he got his ass whooped. Yah, there were two of them, and 11 of us (8 being guys). It would have only taken one or two of us to beat the tar out of them, so having 8 pretty much sealed it. They shoved off, and nothing happened from it. The tattoo guy had to have been on something – his eyes were glazed over and dull… that would be the only explanation I could accept for a scrawny guy trying to antagonize a group of people like ours. Oh well.

Our drinking destination last night ended up being Good Time Charlies (I think that was the name). We drank there for probably 3 hours or so, and had a great time. They stuck us on the patio, which was probably a good idea, since we were definitely the assholes in the place that night. We were there to get hammered, no two ways about it. And we did! We all started out with our beer of choice and a shot… Jim recommended that I get a shot of Goldschlager. It was pretty good actually… but I could see someone getting mega trashed off that stuff. Kinda cinnamon-y with no bad aftertaste. I guess we felt like punishing ourselves, because we ordered some shooters from the dark side of the menu… Matt made a few of us get a “Hairy Gorilla Fart”. Yah, that thing sucked. Good for getting you hammered, that's about it. Tasted like ass – which it's probably called Hairy Gorilla Fart. We finished up our night there, much to Bob's dismay, as he was stealthily working on the hot blondes at the next table (so stealthily that I don't think they noticed). We headed over to Jimmy Johns for some much needed stomach buffer material. Once we consumed our fill, we headed back to Steve's place, and crashed out.

All of us who stayed over at Steve's place woke up way too early. The blinds on Steve's doorwall were broken, so when the sun came up, we were punished by it's morning fury. We got up reluctantly, and went over to Denny's for breakfast. Good stuff. After breakfast we parted company. Overall, it was a blast.

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