Server Moves and Stuff

Well, we've started our server moves at work this week. Monday morning at around 1am the first server started moving to our secret underground bunker, and the second started tuesday morning. Both moved up here without much issue. Hats off to Ben, keep up the good work buddy. Other than that, work's been pretty tame. All us employee-types are probably going to get to move our webservers on to the big pipe sometime next week, so I'm prepping all my stuff for the move. My firewall's pretty much good I think, and now I'm going to have to segregate some tasks I figure… Probably going to have to set up an Apache install on the file server to handle stuff like my music stats thingy. Running queries from that database across 100 miles of fiber would be a pain. It would be much nicer to do it across about 3 inches of copper. Shouldn't be too much of a problem getting everything set up… I've already got stuff split apart pretty well, so it should be a pretty easy process.

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