Ethernet where?

Steve made a shocking discovery when moving into his residence in New York…

[08/18/2003-22:21:38] Steve: man, this house rules
[08/18/2003-22:21:44] Me: hahah
[08/18/2003-22:21:45] Me: how so
[08/18/2003-22:21:46] Steve: theres an ethernet jack in the bathroom
[08/18/2003-22:21:49] Me: !!!
[08/18/2003-22:21:52] Me: omfg! yes!!!
[08/18/2003-22:22:00] Me: I'm stealing it!
[08/18/2003-22:22:00] Steve: and I didn't put this one in
[08/18/2003-22:22:15] Steve: I had to pepper the toilet, turned around and man
[08/18/2003-22:22:22] Steve: laughed my ass off
[08/18/2003-22:22:27] Me: hahahah
[08/18/2003-22:22:34] Steve: I can't believe they stuck one next to the tp
[08/18/2003-22:22:35] Steve: hehe
[08/18/2003-22:22:36] Me: but you know that thing will be utilized
[08/18/2003-22:22:49] Me: well, you have wireless, so maybe not
[08/18/2003-22:22:51] Steve: I have the wireless setup going though
[08/18/2003-22:23:00] Me: that'd still be money for a laptop
[08/18/2003-22:23:04] Steve: but yea, I need to put something in there just because

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