Anthrax, 8/16/03

Saturday Jon and I got to check out Anthrax for the second time in three months. It was pretty sweet. We did the 'skip out on the opening bands' thing, but our plan backfired since Harpos doesn't have the gay 11:00 cutoff that Pine Knob does. We got there in time to see two of the opening bands.

I don't even know what the first band's name was, since they never said it. They were all right. They had a nu-metal type sound, but with a little more pizazz… They used some off-beat rhythms and some cool leads, which tend to be absent in the musical doldrums of the nu-metal sound. The singer had some serious pipes, but was too 'GRRRR' for my liking. You could never really understand anything he was singing. Overall they were pretty solid. Too bad I can't give them a plug since I don't know their names. Grade: B-.

The second band we saw was Lacuna Coil. They're a six-piece band from italy wielding lots of low end. The sported two singers, one being a way-hot italian chick, and the other being a not-hot italian dude. Their mix seemed a bit too loud all the way around, which is kinda weird since they sound checked for like 20 minutes. Everything just seemed too loud, and it all droned together and made the vocals inaudible. They had a keyboard track playing behind them for most of the songs, and that may have been the main culprit for the sonic overload. From what I heard though, they were pretty sweet. I'm guessing they had kind of a Type-O Negative kind of feel… Slow tempos with the keyboard parts laying a lot of texture. The girl singer sounded like she had some good pipes, and the guy had more of the standard metal shout/bark/growl thing going on. Guitars were all right, but they seemed to have the Korn-esque “one guy play low powerchords while the other guy plays annoying dissonant chords that hurt your ears” kind of sound. Grade: B.

Anthrax came on at about 10:30, and they were ready to rumble as always. They opened up with “Contact/What Doesn't Die” from the new album like they did last time. I don't know how, but they somehow manage to play it faster in concert than on the CD. Crazy. Like last time, they played a real good mix of new and old songs… I'll try to remember all the songs they played, old to new… Oldest was Metal Thrashing Mad, Madhouse, Caught in a Mosh, N.F.L., Be All End All, Antisocial, Only, Black Lodge, Inside Out, the before mentioned Contact/What Doesn't Die, Black Dahlia, and Refuse to be Denied. [Edit: They played Got The Time too.] They had kind of a suprise in the encore – they covered Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC, and it sounded damn sweet. They finished the show off with Bring The Noise, with John Bush going crazy on the Public Enemy parts. That song is so fun in concert… Charlie goes nuts on the drums, and the whole crowd just jumping around. Lots of energy. The Anthrax portion of the show seemed kinda short to Jon and I, but after naming off all the songs they played, I'm thinking we might have been on something. I also got a cool little souvenir… A used guitar pick fell right at my feet as we were turning to walk out and I nabbed it. I'm guessing it's one of Scott Ian's, since it came from his side of the stage. Maybe if I touch it I'll gain some of his guitar powers. Then again, maybe I won't. Grade: A.

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