It’s Tuesday….

Yes, and that means my week+3 days of pain is almost over. Yah, tomorrow will be my 10th day straight of work, but after that it's vacation. Going up north. I haven't been up north in the summer for a long time. I'm hoping it's like, waaay hot so I can just sit in the lake all day and bake. The weather reports say it won't be that hot, but hell, what do they know. I'll be up there with my sister and some of the around-my-age cousins from my mom's side of the family, so it should be really cool. No customers calling, no help desk tickets, just peace, quiet, and beer. Woohoo!

The last couple days of work have been pretty slow. Nothing really big happening except residual DNS problems from the server move. Lots of slow nameservers out there… Still gotta hand it to Ben, he's the man. Once the server move is over, I'm going to buy him a beer. He's earned it.

This will probably be the last entry until monday night barring anything sucky/funny/cool/noteworthy happening at work tomorrow. Lets hope none of that happens! Well, the bad stuff anyways.

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