Labor Day Weekend

In short, it was brief. I took a couple days off work so I could head up north with my sister and a few of our cousins. It started off well, although a bit on the chilly side.

I slept until noon on thursday, which was a welcome change from 6am. It was just David, Marty, my sister and myself there, and we had fun swimming in the waves that the wind was kicking up. Kinda neat how something so simple could be so fun. Beth and Carl got there thursday night, and we took our liberties in the beer consumption.

Friday was a bit colder, so swimming became much more of a chore. The water was fine, but the combination of wind and cold air made the body pretty cold. So instead of being outside, we all crowded around inside and had more beer! Oh darn. Carl's friend Ethan came up friday night, and was followed by Steve and Brandy. The beer consumption continuted unabated. Ethan and I had each brought up guitars, so we jammed a bit. It was cool. Ethan is pretty damn good. We're kind of opposites in the way we learned things… I learn whole songs and play them, but I'm pretty weak when it comes to improvising and making up my own stuff. He does just the opposite – he learned all the scales and plays mostly improvosational stuff, and he's quite good. Jamming was fun.

Saturday morning we got the bad news that Dickens had died. Stacey was pretty indecisive about heading home, but I knew that it was the right thing to do. We packed up shop pretty quickly and headed home. When we got home, we buried Dickens in the back yard next to where we buried all of our other pets. He was such a big dog that it took both my dad and I along with a neighbor to get him situated in the hole we dug. My mom was a wreck. She loves her dogs almost as she loves the rest of us, so seeing Dickens go so early really hurt her deeply. The rest of us were quite sad too… Even dad, whose interactions with Dickens mostly ranged from tripping over him to yelling at him for begging at the dinner table, was affected. It was a sad day. 🙁

I spent most of sunday installing Gentoo on my main workstation. I'm trying to sever my link with Windows as much as possible. I also started coming down with a cold sunday, which added more suck to a sucky weekend.

I spent most of monday finishing up the Gentoo install and migrating stuff over from Outlook and the like. Getting all of my stuff migrated will likely take a while, but I got some of it done. I have to say that Linux is pretty sexy on a dual CPU/dual monitor system. Lots of coolness. There are a couple issues I still need to work out with the hardware config, but for the most part, it's up and running.

Today was a rude awakening after my 5 days of not working. 6AM came quite early, but I felt like I the cold that was coming on was getting beaten back by immune system. I went into work and it took me a while to remember what I was supposed to be doing, even though it had only been 5 days. It came back to me after a few stupid phone calls. I was going to do some more stuff with the Gentoo install tonight, but instead Matt sucked me into playing CounterStrike. Oh well, Gentoo's not going anywhere.

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