Unexpected loss

This past weekend, our family was struck by an unexpected loss. Dickens, our dog, up and died. He hadn't been keeping food down for quite a while, but the Vets just figured it was an infection of some sort that he may have picked up from the lake water up north, so they fed him some anti-biotics. Those didn't really seem to help much. Other than the nausea, he wasn't really acting strangely. Well, this past tuesday, we noticed that his stomach was quite bloated, and on wednesday it didn't go down, so my parents took him into the vet. They thought it had something to do with his liver, but didn't have the facilities to make the proper diagnosis. They recommended that he be taken to a local veterinary hospital, so my parents took him up there. Their initial diagnosis didn't point to the liver, but the spleen. They figured out that the bloating was just retained water, so they put him on diuretics. Over the course of that day, he lost 7 pounds just by pissing out water. Sometime friday they did an Xray or a cat scan of some sort and noticed that his liver was quite oddly shaped. They decided to take a biopsy of his liver friday night to see if they could find anything. I guess it was done sometime in the evening, and a little after midnight he stopped breathing and died. The best the vets can figure is that there was some sort of cancer or other general badness going on in his liver, and when they did the biopsy, it released toxins into his system and they overwhelmed him.

My sister and I were up north for the holiday weekend, but came home when we heard the news. My mom was a wreck. Her dogs are like furry children to her, and Dickens went way before his time. No way to prepare. He was only 4.

Rest in peace dude, we're gonna miss ya.

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