Go Alex!

My cousin Alex hopes to get lucky before his first month of college is over….

(17:15:02) Mike: so where do you know this lady friend from
(17:15:23) Alex: high school
(17:15:33) Alex: shes visiting and spending the night
(17:15:41) Mike: ooooh
(17:15:43) Alex: yah
(17:15:47) Alex: so I'm sprucin
(17:15:52) Mike: girlfriend type?
(17:15:56) Alex: no,
(17:16:00) Alex: sexy type
(17:16:04) Alex: who knows3
(17:16:15) Mike: what type?
(17:16:17) Alex: this time tomarrow. I could be a man mike
(17:16:21) Mike: rofl
(17:16:22) Alex: haha
(17:16:32) Mike: I'm totally quoting that on my website
(17:16:43) Alex: fine by me!
(17:16:56) Mike: yah, and then show it to her
(17:17:00) Mike: it'll turn her on

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