It's 11:46, and I'm still awake, and still at work. I'm about 15 minutes away from finally being able to go home. Hurry up and get here Joe! One more day of this ass-end-of-the-world shift and then I'm back on normal time. This shift is boring. Thursday night/Friday morning, one phone call and one help desk ticket over a 8 hour span. Lame. Last night, like 3 help desk tickets and 3 phone calls before I decided to power nap. then, of course, people start to call. Pfft. I was pretty productive tihs past evening though… I started setting up a monitoring system we've been planning for a while, but nobody ever took the initiative to start it. Well, I got the data collection framework in plce I think. There are a couple other facets that will go into this project, like the data display portion and the warning/alert portion, but those will come with time.

Other than that nothing much is going on. This night shift is owning my existence. Totally messes up my schedule. Oh well. It's almost over.

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