Not so slow week…

Well, this past week was a lot more eventful than the last. I looked for apartments this week with one of the Joes from work, and we have a couple candidates. One of them was a place I used to live while I went to MSU – Dovers Crossing. Seems like a good deal, but if we miss out on a deal, it may get to be too expensive. There are a couple other places that we checked out, but in my mind, the townhouse at DC is the best out of the pack so far. We're going to keep looking, to see what we see though.

I've also been busy with some little software projects for home and work… I've been in the process of developing a monitoring system for the servers at work. In its current form it works, but I think in order for it to be efficient and as flexible as it could be, it'll have to be re-written in perl. Shouldn't be a huge deal, since most of the stuff isn't terribly complicated. I've also been working on a couple non-work related projects. I've been working on a plugin for gaim (my preferred linux chat client) that logs all conversation and buddy list activity to MySQL. I'm kind of anal about keeping logs, so it'll help out once it's done. I've also been working on a website for my circle of friends. It's pretty much a place where we can post news and photos, and a forum to chat in. Getting everything working right there took a little while, but it looks good for now.

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