Monthly Archives: October 2003

Fun with bots

Matt must really be bored to argue with a bot over its math skills…

(20:09:31) Damg!nc: what is the derivative of 2x**2 ?
(20:09:31) SmarterChild: 4
(20:09:41) Damg!nc: no its 4x
(20:09:41) SmarterChild: No kidding, huh?
(20:09:51) Damg!nc: what is the integral of 4 with respect to x?
(20:09:51) SmarterChild: You tell me what the integral of 4 with respect to x is.
(20:10:15) Damg!nc: 4x dumbass
(20:10:15) SmarterChild: 4
(20:10:20) Damg!nc: no, 4x
(20:10:20) SmarterChild: 4
(20:10:33) Damg!nc: No you're wrong, its 4x!
(20:10:33) SmarterChild: I'm wrong its 4x? Why did you say that?
(20:11:12) Damg!nc: because the integral of 4 with respect to x is 4x. this is easily seen because the derivative of 4x is 4 with respect to x.
(20:11:13) SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
(20:11:18) Damg!nc: yep, you suck at math


I've been kinda behind on the ramblings as of late, mostly because I've just moved into the new apartment and am still getting settled. I'm mostly in now, and things are settling out nicely. There are a few things that need to be acquired to make the place complete (like hot chicks for my bedroom), but alas, that will come later.

I made my triumphant return to drinking in East Lansing friday night, and it was great. I was out with Joe, his girlfriend, and one of her friends at BW3s for the first leg, and then met up with Gordon and Steve Z for the second part. I was pretty hammered, and Gordon, Steve and I ended up having a friendly argument over Steve's idea for a thesis project – having the government tax and regulate the internet. We argued points for damn near 3 hours, and by the time it was all said and done, it was like 3:30 am and raining. I walked home, and I felt like a student again….. ahhh, good times.

Chris's bachelor party was also this weekend, and it was also a blast. I'm not going to go into a huge amount of detail to avoid implication of myself and others, but rest assured, a alcohol filled good time was had by all.


Well, this post is a week overdue, but I've moved! I'm now back in East Lansing and living with one of the guys I work with. The place is quite sweet, and very roomy. If I know you and you're cool, stop on by and hang out.


(15:29:35) Scuba Steve: fuckin pulled my ass muscle
(15:29:40) Scuba Steve: or the one directly below it
(15:30:11) Scuba Steve: i slipped on some wet mulch that had plastic under it to prevent weeds, and i slipped cause it was all soakin wet and fuckin damn near did the splits
(15:30:15) Scuba Steve: pulled my ass
(15:33:03) Mike: LOL

Updates, forced insomnia

Well, here I am on another week of midnight shifts. I put myself in line for a hurtin' today… I woke up at a normal time and didn't take a nap or anything during the day. That pretty much means I'll be up for around 24 hours straight by the time it's all said and done. Oh well. I'll make it. Not too much going on recently… the biggest news is the apartment. Joe and I got approved, and we move in the 20th. We're both way pumped.

Tonight has been quite slow. All I've really been doing is watching my Gentoo boxes emerge Gnome 2.4. That's only marginally more exciting than watching paint dry or grass grow. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a pain in the ass… I've seen a good amount of talk on the Gentoo forums about people having various troubles with 2.4… Let's hope i'm not one of those folks, or I might have to put a mask on gnome 2.4 and stick with 2.2. That would mean a lot of wasted time, and I'd probably be mad.

Linux owns you in the face!

More funny IM chat from Matt:

Matt: hah. yeah. so im really confused
Mike: ?
Matt: linux is better to me than windows was, lol… i can now traceroute all the way thru
Mike: hahah
Matt: but both traceroute and tcptraceroute die out after a verio hop
Mike: they probably have your windows tricked somehow
Matt: nah i bet windows tracert is shitty or somethign
Mike: probably
Matt: see my diagram:

(windows tracert) —–> || ICMP FIREWALL ||
<—(windows tracert)– || ICMP FIREWALL ||
(windows tracert): aww i have no penis
(linux traceroute) —–> || ICMP FIREWALL ||
(linux traceroute): “fuck that”
(linux traceoute) ——-> || ICMP PWNZ0RD || —- (linux traceroute)—>

The Rundown

Last night I checked out “The Rundown” with Amanda (yes ladies, I suppose it could be called a date). It was pretty sweet. Lots of action, kinda Jackie Chan style. The Rock's character has a thing against guns, so for 99% of the movie he just whoops ass on people without using them. He uses some guns later, but it's only as a last resort. Lots of cool stunts. Stiffler (I don't know his real name) plays another Stiffler-like character, but he's pretty funny too. And Christopher Walken plays another goofy-weird-evil guy. He always gets the weirdest parts. If you see it, keep an ear out for his tooth-fairy line.. it's hilarious. Grade: B+

New digs!

Well, Joe and I finally decided on a place to live in, and we put an application in for it today. Hopefully everything goes well with that. It's nice good sized place, with 2 bedrroms, 2 full bathrooms, and big walk-in closets for each room. And it's in a good location too… right between Michigan Ave and Grand River, close to Frandor. Right by the highway, MSU, CompUSA, you name it. We're pumped.

I just had a bit of trouble with the fileserver computer here, and I hope it decides to be cool… Had a random SCSI error pop up on the system drive, and it caused all sorts of havoc. I had to pop the thing open and stick in a CDROM so I could do some disk checks/repairs on it, and so far, it seems to be cool. I'm not taking any chances though, I've got a script set up to back up the drive every 12 hours using rsync. That way if the drive does croak, I'll have a pretty recent copy of the system files and configs. That would really chap my ass if it did die though… Gentoo installs take a long time.