New digs!

Well, Joe and I finally decided on a place to live in, and we put an application in for it today. Hopefully everything goes well with that. It's nice good sized place, with 2 bedrroms, 2 full bathrooms, and big walk-in closets for each room. And it's in a good location too… right between Michigan Ave and Grand River, close to Frandor. Right by the highway, MSU, CompUSA, you name it. We're pumped.

I just had a bit of trouble with the fileserver computer here, and I hope it decides to be cool… Had a random SCSI error pop up on the system drive, and it caused all sorts of havoc. I had to pop the thing open and stick in a CDROM so I could do some disk checks/repairs on it, and so far, it seems to be cool. I'm not taking any chances though, I've got a script set up to back up the drive every 12 hours using rsync. That way if the drive does croak, I'll have a pretty recent copy of the system files and configs. That would really chap my ass if it did die though… Gentoo installs take a long time.

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