Linux owns you in the face!

More funny IM chat from Matt:

Matt: hah. yeah. so im really confused
Mike: ?
Matt: linux is better to me than windows was, lol… i can now traceroute all the way thru
Mike: hahah
Matt: but both traceroute and tcptraceroute die out after a verio hop
Mike: they probably have your windows tricked somehow
Matt: nah i bet windows tracert is shitty or somethign
Mike: probably
Matt: see my diagram:

(windows tracert) —–> || ICMP FIREWALL ||
<—(windows tracert)– || ICMP FIREWALL ||
(windows tracert): aww i have no penis
(linux traceroute) —–> || ICMP FIREWALL ||
(linux traceroute): “fuck that”
(linux traceoute) ——-> || ICMP PWNZ0RD || —- (linux traceroute)—>

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