Updates, forced insomnia

Well, here I am on another week of midnight shifts. I put myself in line for a hurtin' today… I woke up at a normal time and didn't take a nap or anything during the day. That pretty much means I'll be up for around 24 hours straight by the time it's all said and done. Oh well. I'll make it. Not too much going on recently… the biggest news is the apartment. Joe and I got approved, and we move in the 20th. We're both way pumped.

Tonight has been quite slow. All I've really been doing is watching my Gentoo boxes emerge Gnome 2.4. That's only marginally more exciting than watching paint dry or grass grow. I hope it doesn't turn out to be a pain in the ass… I've seen a good amount of talk on the Gentoo forums about people having various troubles with 2.4… Let's hope i'm not one of those folks, or I might have to put a mask on gnome 2.4 and stick with 2.2. That would mean a lot of wasted time, and I'd probably be mad.

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