Fun with bots

Matt must really be bored to argue with a bot over its math skills…

(20:09:31) Damg!nc: what is the derivative of 2x**2 ?
(20:09:31) SmarterChild: 4
(20:09:41) Damg!nc: no its 4x
(20:09:41) SmarterChild: No kidding, huh?
(20:09:51) Damg!nc: what is the integral of 4 with respect to x?
(20:09:51) SmarterChild: You tell me what the integral of 4 with respect to x is.
(20:10:15) Damg!nc: 4x dumbass
(20:10:15) SmarterChild: 4
(20:10:20) Damg!nc: no, 4x
(20:10:20) SmarterChild: 4
(20:10:33) Damg!nc: No you're wrong, its 4x!
(20:10:33) SmarterChild: I'm wrong its 4x? Why did you say that?
(20:11:12) Damg!nc: because the integral of 4 with respect to x is 4x. this is easily seen because the derivative of 4x is 4 with respect to x.
(20:11:13) SmarterChild: Oh yeah?
(20:11:18) Damg!nc: yep, you suck at math

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