Buckets and Dropped Passes

This weekend hosted the big MSU – UofM game, and Jon and Chris came up for the event. We treated ourselves to a pretty good time. Chris and Jon both arrived between 8 and 9 I think, and we had a few beers while we caught up. After a short time we all figured it was time to get wasted and people watch… it was halloween after all. From past experience and what we saw that night, we all determined that college girls seem to want to use Halloween as an excuse to let loose and dress provocatively, well, more provocative than they normally would. We didn't mind. We headed straight for Crunchys, and we were kind of suprised to see people getting ejected from the fine establishment for fighting. Its not the norm for people to get mad at Crunchys, from my experience anyways. Once everything had calmed down, we annexed a booth and ordered a half-bucket. We drank and were merry, and had the strange experience of having a shoe thrown on our table… It belonged to a girl dressed like a Hooters waitress, so we didn't mind when she reclaimed it. The rest of the Crunchys experience was uneventful, but it was definitely nice. It had been a long time since we'd been there, and it reminded us of the good old times. More good 'ole times were had when we made our way to Jimmy Johns for the customary post-drinking food binge. We all got our Billy Clubs and enjoyed more of the female scenery. While we were walking back to my place, we had the grand idea that we should get more Jimmy Johns, but when we tried calling to order some to my apartment, they spoiled the fun and said they weren't delivering anymore. Lame. I think we all ended up passing out at around 6am.

We woke up around 10 for the game, but I don't think we actually moved much until closer to 11. Chris had a ticket to the game, so I dropped him off at the tailgate, and then went with the previous nights idea and got Jimmy Johns for Jon and I. Good stuff, and it tastes even better when you're not shitfaced drunk! The football game was quite disappointing for the Green and White. Michigan ran the ball up and down the field with hardly any resistance from our front 7. Their defense wasn't that great though, and were it not for the 10 dropped passes, I think we could have won the game. Smoker still had a pretty good game dispite the unforced errors, but it wasn't enough. Ah, well, such is life.

Jon took off a little while after the game, but Chris stuck around for a while after. We were both pretty beat from the evening before and the lack of sleep, so we both ended up napping from like 6-10pm. He took off around midnight, and I went back to bed shortly after.

Today has been pretty uneventful… I went grocery shopping, and have been fighting with my wireless access point all day. Its acting really weird – just randomly restarting itself out of the blue for no apparent reason. It may have something to do with the new firmware I installed the other day, so I've reverted back to the old firmware to see if the problem stops. Whatever causes it, its making me mad.

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