There’s snow on the ground…

Yah, as much as I would have liked to sleep through it and pretend it didn't happen – it snowed today. Normally the first snow of the year doesn't really stick, but it did today. I used to like the winter, but then I got older. I used to be able to go outside and play in the snow, make snowforts, pelt annoying neighbor kids with snowballs, sled down hills, go ice skating…. the list goes on. Now winter is just an extended period of freakin cold weather where I have to bundle up all the time, freezing my butt off while my car warms up and accumulates a covering of salt from driving down the road. Or, in the case of the Camaro, I could just be driving and hit black ice, careen off the road at 60MPH and hit a tree. No thanks. Give me ice-free roads, a bright sun, warm air. Give me shorts and a T-shirt. Give me summer. I have no use for winter anymore.

I'm on the night shift again this week and so far it's been pretty uneventful. I set up a server yesterday for Zac… that's about the only non-boring thing that's happened. I updated my website a bit tonight. I could be working one of a couple of projects I'm involved with here at work, but my attention span is quite short from being so damn tired. There's a monster glass of Mountan Dew within an arms reach, and that's just about all that's keeping me awake right now.

One cool thing did happen today though… After literally years of unwavering patience (read: lack of money), I finally ordered myself a laptop today. I'm pumped. I can't wait for it to get here. Eventually I'll install Gentoo on it and join the Elite Liquid Web Gentoo Linux Laptop Club (ELWGLLC), but I'll probably just put Windows on it at the beginning until the novelty of having a laptop wears off. Then I'll install Gentoo and dual boot. It needs to get here soon, because I'm crazy patient like that.

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