Laptop goodness!

After a bit of confusion, my laptop has arrived. I was spamming the UPS tracking site with requests to see where my laptop was. I saw it come into lansing around 6:40 this morning, but it didn't update after that. I stuck around work until 9:30 or something, hopeing it would show up. Well, it didn't, so I went home. I checked the status when I got home, and I noticed something – the ontime status changed to “Rescheduled” and the delivery date changed to Monday… I was quite pissed. I called up UPS customer service to see if there was any way to pick it up, and the lady said that it was probably still on a truck, so there was no way. I was mad, but I dealt with it and went it sleep. When I woke up, I was very suprised to see that there was a message from Steven saying that my laptop had arrived. That made me quite happy.

I've got XP installed on it, and my windows environment is pretty much moved over on to this machine. It's quite fast, although the 4200 RPM drive is noticeable. It takes a little while to access stuff from the hard disk. Otherwise, it rocks. I may start the Gentoo install tonight or tomorrow night, depends on how bored I am.

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