Wow, I’m tired again.

Yes, the title says it all. I'm freakin exhausted. And once I finish this last godforsaken midnight shift, I get to drive down to my aunts house for Thanksgiving part deux. I probably won't get to sleep until like 9 or 10…. if anybody's counting, that's 27 hours of being awake, barring any naps or falling asleep at the wheel. Good thing I have monday and tuesday off – I'll probably wake up sometime tuesday once I get to bed tonight.

I've been working on the Gentoo install on my laptop over the past few hours… (it's probably the only thing keeping me awake!) I've made a bit of progress, but there are few things that I need to get working still before I'm happy. I've got sound, video, and the synaptics touchpad/usb mouse working right, but I still need to get the wireless ethernet working. There seems to be a couple open source projects that have drivers that are still in their infancy, but they don't seem to be very stable yet. There's also DriverLoader, but I don't have my WLAN drivers here at work and I couldn't find them on the web. Blah. Once I get wireless going I'll be happy, and can go onto other things, like installing MythTV on here and using it as a mobile frontend system… 😀

That's all for now… let's hope I don't pass out at the wheel or something.

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