Monthly Archives: December 2003

The beginning of the end for Microsoft?

I just caught this link off of Slashdot – it's an article about how Microsoft's domination in the software market may be coming to an end, and why. The reason – Linux, because it's free! Also because it's a helluva lot more secure than Windows. Also, when something is found to be broken, there is normally a patch to fix it within a day or two. Not always the case for Windows.

Anyway, here's the link: The Inquirer

Back to work

After a short yet enjoyable break for Christmas, it's back to work. I'm tired as hell, and I'm still feeling crappy. I haven't got a good nights sleep in a long time, and combined with the sickness, I'm feeling pretty ragged. I'm skipping out on a holiday party I would otherwise love to go to in the pursuit of a good nights sleep. I need the rest. I worked 6-midnight last night, and was here at 8am this morning, so I didn't get crap for sleep. I'll probably pass out on my bed when I get home, which wouldn't be good for my plan of a good nights sleep.

Christmas treated me pretty well. My mom got my dad and I our own digital cameras, which rocks. I've been wanting one for a long time, but never got the impulse to buy one. Well, I have one now, and I'm sure that many captured images will find their way onto the site. [Ahem, look right… Joe caught me off guard while at work last night.] I also got a few DVDs, a DVD/VHS/CD shelf for the living room (needed one of those!), a few choice clothing items, and the usual stocking stuffers. [I'm probably forgetting something, I'll edit if I remember something.] The xmas dinner had to be cut short for me since I had to be at work at 6, but I have a plate of leftovers, so it's all good!

I shall curse your name!

Well, only if you're name is Steven Collins or Joe Doss, because one of you guys got me sick by being sick at work. Actually, I probably won't curse you at all, since you're both cool, and didn't really mean to get me sick. So I take it back. Curses have been withdrawn. I'm not really all that sick either – just a head cold. The rest of my body feels fine and hopefully it'll stay that way. The tag-team of NyQuil and Day-Quil seems to be keeping a lot of the symptoms at bay, but my head is still congested as hell.

Work has been pretty slow over the past couple days due to the holidays, but we're cooking on new orders. Some of the guys have been using a live chat thing on our website to drum up new business, which is cool. It also means that we all have to use this thing, which sucks. Just another thing to add to the “you must pay attention to this at all times” list. Lame. We've got enough other stuff to occupy our time without having to answer 1000 questions about what version of Windows we offer on our servers (correct answer = NONE) or why their Front Page extensions don't work…. [/rant]

Speaking of the holidays…. from all of us here at — er, wait, it's just me, and my imaginary friend Gus — have a Merry Christmas. May your time with family be well spent.

About time…

I swapped in some newer pictures into the guitar page. The others were old. Perhaps I'll update the content soon as well. Perhaps not!

Fast Times at Liquid Web Inc.

Wow. For whatever reason, the past couple of days at work have absolutely flown by. Perhaps it's because the team has been a little light due to illness, and on top of that Joe has been busy trying to get the Listening Ear back on its feet after the catastrophe that struck this past weekend. Maybe the lack of staff has kept me busier, which leads to faster days… who knows. Whatever it is, 4PM has seemed to come really early the past two days, and I can't complain.

Speaking of Joe, he was the big celebrity both on TV and in the paper detailing what happened over the weekend. I was able to grab the news cast he was on with MythTV, so I've got a nice mpeg2 video of it if he wants to save it as his 15 minutes of fame, or put it on the Ear homepage. Gotta love technology.


Yesterday started out being pretty boring and lazy, which is pretty much what i wanted since I hadn't got jack for sleep the whole week. I slept in pretty late, and then started cleaning some stuff up around the apartment that needed to be taken care of. I got the common areas all vaccuumed and tidied, and had started cleaning my room when Joe's girlfriend Shauna came in and asked if I would drop her off at the Listening Ear, where both she and Joe volunteer. Apparently Joe was already there responding to a bit of a crisis. She said that the fire alarm was going off, and wanted to head over to check things out. Well, we got there and it seemed a bit worse. Joe and the girl that was on duty (who happened to be quite attractive) were carrying stuff out into the parking lot. We peeked inside, and there was water everywhere. Apparently there was a burst water pipe or something a couple floors up, and water was streaming in everywhere. The whole operation would have been screwed if hadn't started moving stuff out, so Shauna and I joined Joe and the other girl in carring stuff out. We got all of the vital electronic stuff out first, and then went on to the files and other paper stuff. More people started showing up to help which was good because the water started flowing in faster and faster as time went on. Ceiling tiles were falling in under the weight of the water, and everybody was totally soaked. Joe said that we got pretty much everything important out of the place, and it's a good thing too, because that building is totally messed up. There was around 2-3 inches of standing water throughout the whole office, and pretty much every surface was wet, not to mention everybody who was helping. Crazy stuff. There's going to be a lot of rebuilding at that place… good thing that the Ear has already found a temporary home, because their office is going to be out of commission for a while. Lots of water damage.

They'll be in need of support. Consider it your civic duty to help those that selflessy help others in need. Donate a few bucks to help them get back on their feet. Go here to donate.

Joe's putting together a gallery showing the flood damage. Check it out here.

Edit: I've been forever (maybe?) immortalized in Listening Ear lore! Check it out here.

Yes, I should really stop taking naps on the couch…

Yes, the time is right, it's damn near 4am, and I'm still awake thanks to a nap on the couch. Yes, I do have to work tomorrow, and yes, I may just pull an all nighter and sleep when I get home. It's been done before. I did that for a month or so my 4th year at MSU… got all turned around by some programming projects, and then just kept it going. Stayed up all night doing homework or reading or whatever, then went to class, then slept the afternoons away, and woke up sometime in the late afternoon-early evening. Worked pretty well actually. I don't want to start it up again though… it would probably lead to less of a social life than I already have!

I got a random stroke of ambition over the past couple days and decided to make my XMMS logger plugin work properly by logging ID3 tags instead of whatever is displayed in the playlist window. It took some work, but with some help from Ben I prevailed. There were some hurdles (my total rustyness with C being the largest), but it the thing finally seems to be working right. Chalk up another victory in the move away from Windows! I don't think I'll ever ditch Windows as long as I still play games, but the number of things I do in Windows that can't be done in linux is getting pretty small. Playing games, syncing my cellphone, and… hmmm… I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember now. It's late.

The most exciting story ever, page 1

Yes. That s my life. The most exciting story ever. Oh wait, no it's not. I lied. My life is boring. I worked yesterday, and I worked today, both of my days off. What fun. I need to do more. I need a girlfriend. I need to do more than just go to work every day and come home and vegitate. I must live!

Woohoo, friday already.

Yah, friday comes quick when you start your week on wednesday. Still, it didn't come soon enough. Work has been way busy this week…. lots of highly annoying problems, and until about 3 hours ago, it seemed as though the phones never stopped ringing. Not cool.

I got the new and improved MythTV box working last night for the most part, and it's really cool to finally be able to use it on a TV, like it was designed to do. I still have to get the little remote control working and a few other things I haven't thought of yet, but the record/playback functionality works well. It's pretty tough to tell wether you're looking at the real TV signal or the regurgitated mpeg2 stream that Myth makes. I guess that's how it's suppsed to be though, so good job Myth folks!

A day off, finally

Yes, I finally have a day off… after 7 days of working the ass end of the day, I finally have a day where I didn't have to do anything. Sooo… I slept for 12 hours! Hah. And took an hour nap around 6pm! Hah! Ok. Yah. I'm still playing around with the laptop, mostly in the Gentoo area. I got MythTV going on it, and combined with the wireless, it rocks a lot. I can watch live or recorded TV anywhere that my wireless (or wired) LAN can take me. Pretty cool.

Speaking of wireless, I got it working in Gentoo, but with kind of a hack. I had to use DriverLoader, which is a program that allows you to use Windows drivers in linux where native linux drivers haven't been made yet. It's kind of handy, but I'd rather have a native open source driver. There have been a couple times where the connection has flaked out, but I don't know wether it was because of the hacked DriverLoader system, or just an anomaly in the wireless connection. Could be both, who knows.

The wired network card also has a little oddity going on it as well… When I try to mount a NFS share and send files to it, it's slow as freakin hell, but copying from the share is pretty damn fast. I was noticing that there are no transmit statistics being taken for that interface in ifconfig, so there maybe something goofy with the driver, or my installation of it. Whatever the problem is, it's really lame. I guess it could also be the cable… I don't think I've tried changing that out yet. I guess I'll try that soon.