A day off, finally

Yes, I finally have a day off… after 7 days of working the ass end of the day, I finally have a day where I didn't have to do anything. Sooo… I slept for 12 hours! Hah. And took an hour nap around 6pm! Hah! Ok. Yah. I'm still playing around with the laptop, mostly in the Gentoo area. I got MythTV going on it, and combined with the wireless, it rocks a lot. I can watch live or recorded TV anywhere that my wireless (or wired) LAN can take me. Pretty cool.

Speaking of wireless, I got it working in Gentoo, but with kind of a hack. I had to use DriverLoader, which is a program that allows you to use Windows drivers in linux where native linux drivers haven't been made yet. It's kind of handy, but I'd rather have a native open source driver. There have been a couple times where the connection has flaked out, but I don't know wether it was because of the hacked DriverLoader system, or just an anomaly in the wireless connection. Could be both, who knows.

The wired network card also has a little oddity going on it as well… When I try to mount a NFS share and send files to it, it's slow as freakin hell, but copying from the share is pretty damn fast. I was noticing that there are no transmit statistics being taken for that interface in ifconfig, so there maybe something goofy with the driver, or my installation of it. Whatever the problem is, it's really lame. I guess it could also be the cable… I don't think I've tried changing that out yet. I guess I'll try that soon.

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